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Berchtesgaden holds some of the most breathtaking views in southern Germany. Located at the foot of the Watzmann mountain, it is home to endless hiking trails, scenic driving tours, and classic Bavarian architecture. Berchtesgaden is often known because of the role it played in WWII and due to its appearance in the HBO series Band of Brothers when the troups raid Hitler's Eagles Nest.

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Schonau am Konigssee

This beautiful area includes picturesque boat rides to St.Bartholoma, amazing hikes and bike rides through the Berchtesgaden National Park, and Bob sled rides on the tracks where world class athletes train.

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WWII Bunker Entrance

The Obersalzberg Area

Miles of road run along this mountain offering scenic drives in the summertime. In addition, the Obersalzburg is full of WWII history. Visit the Hotel Zum Turken for an unguided tour of old WWII bunkers or spend the afternoon learning at the Obersalzberg museum. A must see is the view from the Eagle's Nest but be sure to visit on a clear sunny day to ensure visibility.

Downtown Berchtesgaden

Downtown Berchtesgaden

This quaint mountain town is full of classic Bavarian architecture, food, and Lederhosen shops. For dinner visit the Goldener Restaurant for a Schnitzel and burn off the calories the next morning by hiking the Lockstein trail for an amazing view over Berchtesgaden and the Watzmann Mountain. Finally sign up for a guided tour of the historic Royal Castle.